Technical Tour to Jaworzno

Date: Wednesday, September 11th, afternoon 

Duration: 4-5 hours

Price: 50 PLN

The Jaworzno Power Station is a complex of coal-fired thermal power stations at Jaworzno, southern Poland. The largest plant of the Jaworzno power plant complex is called Jaworzno III. It has an installed electrical generating capacity of 1,345 MW, as well as thermal heating capacity of 321 MWt. About 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) to the east is Jaworzno II, with an installed electrical generating capacity of 200 MW. Jaworzno III has a 306-metre (1,004 ft) high flue gas stack which is one of Poland's tallest free standing structures.​

The purpose of the visit is to familiarize the participants of our conference with the work of one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly coal-fired power plants in Europe. The visit will also be an opportunity to discuss the possibilities of clean energy production in coal-fired power plants. 

The space fot the tour is limited. If you are interested in participation please use the below form -you need to be a registered patricipant of the ICMGP conference: