We are pleased to welcome you to ICMGP 2019 in Krakow!

Here you can find the Program Book and the Abstract Volume in pdf format.


Welcome to the leading ICMGP 2019

Dear Colleague:

It is our honor to invite you to participate in the 14th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP 2019), which will be organized in Krakow, Poland, from 8 through 13 September, 2019.

Considerable scientific knowledge has been developed on sources and emissions of mercury, its fate, pathways and cycling through the environment, human exposure and impacts on human health. An agreement has been reached between scientists that mercury exposure today is so high in many areas of the globe that it threatens human health. This scientific knowledge, obtained through studies carried out in various research centers in all continents, formed the basis for policy makers decision to establish an international agreement on reduction of emissions and exposure to mercury. The Minamata Convention was signed in 2013 and ratified in 2017.  Therefore, the ICMGP 2019 Conference will be a very important step in assessing the completeness of our knowledge on mercury as a global environmental pollutant on one side, and implementation of solutions to reduce the emissions and exposure to this pollutant on the other side. In this way, the Conference will be the first major event of testing the efficiency of implementation of the Minamata Convention in various parts of the world. Needs for improvement of our knowledge on mercury in the environment, as well as measures of improvement of the Minamata Convention implementation efficiency will be discussed. Therefore, the theme of the ICMGP 2019 is:

Bridging knowledge on global mercury with environmental responsibility, human welfare and policy response.

The ICMGP 2019 will follow the tradition of previous successful conferences with synthesis, detailed sessions, and presentations on mercury science, technology, management and health. This event will also be the opportunity for exhibition of most recent developed equipment to measure mercury in various environmental samples, and technology to reduce mercury emissions and exposure. A diverse community of conference participants is expected with industry, government, research institutions, NGOs and academics. The Conference program will include plenary, invited and contributed oral presentations, poster presentations, small group thematic meetings, opportunities for student mentoring, demonstrations by instrument vendors, and networking. The ICMGP 2019 will also provide the opportunity to discuss the options for low-mercury energy and industrial technologies and then the concept of low-mercury society. More information on the Conference program will be available at the Conference website.

We truly believe that the ICMGP 2019 Conference will be the main place to review our knowledge on mercury research and implementation of its results for reduction of our exposure to this dangerous pollutant. The Conference will also be the place to define future research avenues and policy directions for meeting the targets presented in the various environmental programs and organizations aiming at lowering the presence of mercury in the environment, with a prominent example of the Minamata Convention. We truly believe that the Conference will be very beneficial to its participants. Therefore, we welcome you to mark your calendars for September 8-13, 2019 Mercury Science Festival and join us in Krakow for the 14th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant.

With our best regards,

Prof. Jozef M. Pacyna, the Chairman of the ICMGP 2019

Prof. Jerzy Falandysz, Co – Chairman

Prof. Janusz Golas, Co-Chairman

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