Scientific Steering Committee

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) consists of experts in mercury research and policy from around the world. This committee oversees the scientific progress and the organization of the conference to ensure that the high quality of this conference series is maintained. The committee meets once a year to discuss progress regarding international standards and procedures as they relate to the development of the overall technical/scientific program of the conference – i.e. oral and poster presentation content, current research topics, etc.



 Torunn Berg  Norwegian University of Science and Technology  Norway
 Ludovic Bernaudat  UNEP  Switzerland
 Steve Brown  The Dow Chemical Company  USA
 Celia Chen  Dartmouth College  USA
 Pål Midtlien Danielsen  Norwegian Institute of Air Research


 Charley Driscoll  Syracuse University  USA
 Ralf Ebinghaus  Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht  Germany
 David Evers  Biodiversity Research Institute  USA
 Jerzy Falandysz

 University of Gdansk

 Poland, the Vice-Chairman 
 Lucyna Falkowska  University of Gdansk  Poland
 Janusz Golas

 AGH University of Sciences and Technology

 Poland, the Vice-Chairman
 Lars Eric Heimburger  CNRS-Mediterrianean Institute of Oceanography  France
 Milena Horvat  Jozef Stefan Institute  Slovenia
 Younghee Kim  National Institute of Environmental Research  South Korea
 Joy Leaner  Western Cape Government  South Africa
 Robert Mason  University of Connecticut  USA
 Lynwill G. Martin  Stellenbosch University  South Africa
 Wojciech Nowak  AGH University of Sciences and Technology  Poland
 Jozef Pacyna

 AGH University of Sciences and Technology

 Poland, the Chairman
 Lucjan Pawlowski  Lublin University of Technology  Poland
 Nicola Pirrone  CRN - Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research   Italy
 Masatake Fujimura  National Institute for Minamata Disease  Japan
 Noelle Selin  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  USA
 Lesley Sloss  IEA Clean Coal Centre  United Kingdom
 Alexandra Steffen  Environment Canada  Canada
 Elsie Sunderland  Harvard University  USA
 Eric Uram  Headwater Consulting  USA
 Shuxiao Wang  Tsinghua University  China
 Karl Wilber  TEKRAN Instruments Corp.  USA