Conference Venue


ICE Krakow Congress Centre

Marii Konopnickiej 17 Street

30-302 Krakow, Poland


The multifunctional ICE Kraków Congress Centre is one of the most attractively situated and designed venues of this type in Europe. Opened in 2014, the modern venue hosts concerts, theatrical productions, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, and other prestigious cultural and community events. The high standard of the building has ranked it among the most exclusive and award-winning congress centres in Europe.


The ICE Kraków offers three impressive halls: Auditorium, Theatre, and Chamber with 2000, 600, and 300 seats respectively, plus an additional complex of conference halls. Its pride and hallmark is the all-glass three-storey lobby opening onto the Vistula and offering a magnificent view of Wawel and the Church “on the Rock”.


The Congress Centre is surrounded by a special traffic system encompassing ground-level parking lots, a bus bay, bicycle parking areas, as well as a two-level underground parking lot for 336 vehicles. The nearest bus and tram stop is located only 50 meters away from the entrance, with 5 tram lines and 20 bus lines providing access to the facility. Travelling from the airport takes about 20 minutes, and it takes only about a quarter of an hour to get to the ICE Kraków from the central railway and bus station. 


Photos: © Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe, W.Wandzel,