General information about the WORKSHOPS

ICMGP2019 organizers have decided early in the planning to expand workshops to help increase attendee knowledge about the fate of mercury as a global pollutant.  Organizers hope attendees will take advantage of this opportunity, to learn and discuss issues with the most knowledgeable scientists in the world about how to monitor, model and measure the impacts of mercury. 

Workshops will be offered in advance of the ICMGP conference, all-day on Sunday.  The workshop design provides highly-interactive sessions on high-priority aspects used in the design and implementation of the Minamata Convention through local policies and practices needed for compliance.

Answers to questions, and more, are available to you from the experts.  This opportunity can help ensure your research considers all relevant aspects of mercury sources, transport, fate and impacts in its design – improving your chances of receiving funding to do your research or complete your project. 


Past workshops have included the following topics:

  • Human bio-monitoring
  • Wildlife bio-monitoring
  • Back-trajectory modeling using HYSPLIT
  • Bio geochemistry issues and concerns  
  • Establishing fish advisories - concerns and best practices
  • Remediation concerns and best practices for contaminated sites
  • Monitoring and sampling techniques and best practices for air, water and sediments
  • Mercury isotope laboratory techniques and best practices
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control best practices

Plan to arrive early and attend the Sunday workshops offerings. Full listings of workshop offerings will be posted during registration process.